Friday, August 28, 2009


Where to begin? I can't really say I'm a huggy person. In fact, a guy friend of mine said I give awkward hugs. So I know I'm not a huggy person. But I think Erica is going to help me work on it.
Barbara Millicent Roberts is my hero. Most people would know her as Barbie. But I am no Barbie, I just think she's awesome. But it's a good thing that I'm not a Barbie because techinically if I was shaped like her my long legs wouldn't be strong enough to hold up my breasts. And my neck would be freakishly long. But I'm 5'8'' with light brown eyes and light brown hair, 126.6 lbs (that's what it said on the scale this morning). I love wearing heels even though I tower over most of the guys. But I find that by wearing high heels it is a good way to weed out the shortys.

Love to keep eye contact with people and letting them break away first. I like to call it "eye sex." I love awkward silences during dates because I know it's just torturing him. He's probably scrambling in his brain, "uh...crap..what should I ask her?" bwahahaha.

As for guys, I love tall guys with broad shoulders. Nice eyes and a good smile are a plus. I love a guy who has a lot of "charm."

But that's all.

I am known as Rexi.


Saturday, August 1, 2009


I love hugs. If I could hug every single person I saw I would probably have some sort of disease. I love cupcakes, they are so quaint and perfect and I am still on the search for the best kind. I collect coke bottles, yes this is a little strange but we've all got quirks. My whole lifes goal is to get a old volkswagen van and road trip it to all 50 states (except Hawaii obviously...but possibly I could get it flown out there for my journey on the islands). 
I like guys who smell good. They don't necessarily have to be wearing cologne, but if they smell clean then they are a winner in my book. I love talking to guys who are sarcastic, I feel like those are the type of guys who will be able to keep up with me. 

I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5'9" and about 130 pounds. My favorite color is yellow and I still feel like Snape is a traitor. 

The first thing I notice about guys is probably their eyes or arms (I like biteable muscles).