Tuesday, September 29, 2009

...eye flirting.


In one of my classes, we have the desks all sitting around the edge of the room to make a circle. I sit on the side of the circle, so I have to look towards my right to see the teacher.........If I look straight ahead, there is a guy on the other side of the room who is always facing me. Sometimes I am too lazy to turn my head while listening to the teacher, so I see all the people on the other side of the circle. It seems that the guy sitting across the room from me has the same weakness when it comes to turning his head to face the teacher, therefore we make eye contact A LOT!

This isn't just a glance once or twice. It's like we're trying to make a baby with our eyes. But it makes the class interesting. We both know that we are having this very intense eye communication, aka eye flirting. His name is Scott (I paid extra attention when the teaching was taking role of the class).

I have yet to see where Cyclops and I will be going with this. Will he ask for my number? Or are we going to continue this staring contest for the rest of the semester?

My eyes are KILLING ME!

Monday, September 28, 2009



So Erika kind of explained how much fun we've had with Heath and John. Erika is a 100% right about John! He's one of those guys that all the girls love because when he talks to you, you can't help but feel a little bit flattered even though I would never consider him hot. (However, Erika did have some success with John. She scratched his back during sacrament meeting.)

Now Heath is a different story, girls love him for different reasons. Out of Heath and John, Heath is definitely the leader. He knows more than half of the school and when you talk to him there is always someone who passes by that says, "Hey Heath!" It can be very annoying. I think John uses Heath to meet other girls. The funny thing is, is that Heath isn't your typical oh-my-gosh-i-just-want-him-to-ask-me-out type of guy. He is really tall and skinny. Now when I mean "skinny" I'm not talking about the tall lean figure, I'm talking about SKIN and BONES skinny. When I first hugged him I swear I was hugging Jack the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas (I felt like a giant hugging him and I'm not big at all). The great thing about him is that his vibrant personality makes up for it. Heath is just simply "cool." The problem is, is that I can't picture him with a girlfriend. He has lots of girlfriends, but I think girls love being his friend and nothing more, which is sad because he's been off his mission for almost five years. But he's a social butterfly and he'll find someone.
I wonder if John uses Heath because of all his connections. If you hang out with Heath, you'll meet people in no time. Heath also knows everything that goes around. If you want to go to a party he can tell you when and where. But I think he might have a crush on one of the girls in my apartment. At this moment I'm trying to figure out who. Hmmm...
What's wrong with me? I used to be able to read guys so well.
I think I'm losing my super powers.

Demolition Man

Meet Butch:

Eww gross. Puke in my mouth. Gotta run away from laughing so hard at his efforts kinda guy. Now I am sounding like a total B. But seriously, all girls know guys like this. It is like "hello! Get a hint!" kind of a guy.
Basically you could tell this guy straight up that you aren't interested and he will still try.

Butch and Rexi have known each other for years. They were neighbors since the 6th grade and now he's back from his mission, so they've kind of grew up together. That was how I met him.
Right from the moment I saw him I knew nothing would ever get me to even consider going on a date with him. He was wearing really baggy clothes, he hadn't shaved, his face seemed far to big for his beady little eyes, it was revolting. (Yeah, I sound like a complete jerk.) He was nice but I could tell he was trying way to hard to impress us girls and it was laughable.
He tried for awhile to get Rexi to like him, but she wouldn't fall for his so called "charms" so he moved on to me.
Now I think there are some things you need to know about my personality. I am extremely blunt. I will tell you how it is. I will make it very clear how I feel about a person within minutes of meeting someone. I sound really harsh and totally judgmental, but I have never been wrong about a person yet...so I like to go with my gut feelings.
I remember the first time Butch tried to catch my attention. He kept flexing his muscles and touching me. I remember saying to him "stop touching me" but like all boys he hears "please keep touching me...I like it." I was sitting on a beanbag chair at his apartment and he thought it would be funny to try to bounce me off of it, but he missed and landed on me.
HE LANDED ON ME. Can I just emphasize that he is HUGE. His 400lbs of skin, fat, and muscle landed on my little 130lbs of a body. I screamed in pain, and he just laughed like I was kidding. I went home that night feeling like the whole left side of my rib-cage was broken. It was not a good time, and for some reason he kept trying.

I think for awhile he got the hint and left me alone. Especially after I deleted him on facebook and deleted his number off my phone so every time he texted or called I would be like "umm who is this?". But now at the beginning of this new semester he has somehow gotten into his head that he should try again. Can I just say, nay SCREAM, how I do NOT want him to do this.

I have been ignoring him for so long, why oh why is he begging for my attention again?
grr boys.



So I think I have a kinda sorta crush on a boy in the ward. His name is John.

Sometimes I think he is attractive. Then other times I don't. (Like when I see him from the profile I don't think he looks good, but face on he is way cute. He also doesn't have good guy hands, they look way to small...I feel like if I was ever to hold hands with him they would get clammy quickly and appear smaller than my hands...who wants that? Not I.) So I am in a bind. Also, he is sort of a ladies man and I hate getting into those situations where you are fighting for a boy. I want the boy to fight for me dang it!

Here is how I met John:

He came over to our house with his roommate Heath. Heath is awesome. He knows EVERYONE. He is one of those personalities where he just gets along with everyone. But anyways, they came over to invite us to a gas station to get a drink (the cheapest big gulp EVER!). And I couldn't help but laugh at John and his sparkling and unique personality.

We have hung out the past couple of weekends with everyone and it has been fun, I can tell if I started to flirt it up a little more I could get a date and maybe more out of him (not like I am looking for a makeout or anything, I am just saying if we got along then possibly we could...). I just don't know if I want it.



Friday, September 25, 2009


Short. Tall. There is a difference right? Well, I guess no according to about half of the population of people in my ward.

A story for you:

The first Sunday in my new singles ward I was asked to teach Sunday School (luckily not as a calling, just as a one time thing). I really didn't want to, but I didn't want to let my new Bishop down and I knew it would be a great way to meet new people (even though I didn't want to admit that to Rexi...she could totally see through me though). So I slaved away all day Saturday putting together a lesson that I thought would be adequate.
On Sunday I was way nervous. I went to church dreading it, but excited all the same. I go into the Sunday School room and start to set up and nobody was really in the room with me except my roommates. Then all of a sudden a whole group of boys walk in. I am talking HUGE there were seriously like 10 guys to all of the girls in the room. I even said something out loud about there being a lot of boys. But anyways I did a quick survey of all of those boys and I don't know what it is about men in a suit, but they always will look better than when you see them in real life. So I was thinking that all of these boys were really cute.
I teach my lesson. It went really well, everyone commented and I didn't even finish everything I had prepared. I thought that was a success in and of itself. Afterwards some of the guys came up to introduce themselves and tell me that I did a good job. I was flattered and started to really judge whether I should start going for these guys. I noticed that there were a lot of them that were shorter than me. I also noticed that there were a lot that were around my same height and then there were a select few who looked tall.
Now I don't want to sound like a total judgmental girl who only cares about height and looks, but I am telling you all right now that it just matters to me because I happen to be tall. And the looks part is just a fact of life. Everyone has to be attracted to someone else before anything can happen between them.
The next day at FHE I couldn't remember who I had already met so I started to introduce myself to people again. I decided to eat my pizza with a group of boys and Rexi joined me. These guys weren't bad looking. They were all really nice, but the one who I thought was the hottest was short. (His name was Cody) I was so mad but I still stayed and talked to them and then by the end of the night we had all exchanged numbers and went on our seperate ways.
Well about two days later I see Cody and one of his roommates (Joe) and they were just passing by my apartment. Our door was open so they stopped and said hey and then left. Then Cody kept coming back. It was like clockwork. Every 10 mins Cody would walk in the door. We ended up talking for a long time and then he finally left for good. I didn't think anything of it (he is short after all) but my roommates all attacked me asking me if I thought he was cute and all of that other girly jazz. They then told me that they all thought he was totally into me and that he probably wanted to have my babies. At that point in the conversation I just left because I couldn't take it anymore.
Well, I get on facebook and found Cody so I added him along with a bunch of the new people I had met and within an hour I got a text from him saying that he didn't want to sound like a stalker but he was looking at my fb and he wanted to know how hiking was (I had gone hiking the day before). We started texting and we texted for a couple of hours until I told him I had to go finish homework and go to bed.
That next weekend we hung out he came over with his roommate and we all chilled and played games and had a lot of fun getting to know eachother but I seriously felt like we were "just friends". All of my roommates think differently.

So here is my delima. I really do think Cody is attractive. The only thing holding me back is that he is short. Isn't it awkward for him? Like in all honesty he has to look up at me. I don't know how guys can deal with that, but it doesn't work for me sadly.





Here's a little bit of a flashback. Last week I went on a date with a guy that has always been in the back of my mind. Ken is probably the most confusing guy I have ever met. He is seriously breaking all the rules when it comes to how "guys hint." It's like I'm trying to read a girl. He's so complex.

Most of the time guys in general are completely transparent. I can see right through them. I can tell if they like me, I can tell if they like Erica, and I can tell if they're hungry and just want to get fed. They're like pets in a way. My dog back at home when he wants to go outside will scratch the door and when he wants food he'll rest his head on my lap. Well, this guy is no dog.

Ken is a very confident guy who attracts people in general. He knows everyone by name and he believes in connections with people. He's pretty deep. As for looks, the best way to describe him would be "an all american boy." He's very good looking, but he wouldn't be the first guy I would notice if I walked into a room full of guys. I didn't really notice any amazing physical features at first, but now that I've known him for a while, he's very muscular. Broad shoulders....yum. Not very tall though. When he looks at you it feels like you are the only person in the room. He just has a very charming personality and it's killing me.

We dated a lot last year and we never made it as far as holding hands or cuddling. But I was fine with that. But then we went our separate ways. I worked in the summer while he was in Connecticut. We kept in touch and now we're both back to school. I was very anxious to go on this date. The problem is that I can't read him at all. I can usually tell how a guy feels towards me on a date. It was like I was Edward and he was Bella and I was frustrated because I couldn't read his mind and I'm not even a Twilight fan!

He'll text me once in a while, or he'll say things like, "Rexi, you should drop that class and take this one with me." It's like he wants me to chase him (I've never been the one to chase boys, I get them to chase me). He's like the song "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry. He'll ask me out and then I won't here from him and then out of no where he'll text me and ask me out again. He'll also say things like, "I like talking to you," or "Rexi, I like being around you." Sometimes I don't know if he wants to be friends or something more. If he's going to be my friend, I'm going to treat him like a buddy. If he wants to be something more than I'm going to raise my flirtation levels.

Erika can't stand Ken. She thinks the reason why I'm always drawn to him is because he hasn't fallen to my feet. I think she has a point. 99% of the guys I go on dates with fall for me and then I have to give them the "speech." (I'll tell you about the speech in another post, so you'll have to keep on reading) Ken is more attractive to me because he's unpredictable and he's something that I might not be able to have and I think that's why he's driving me crazy. I just need to go back to guys like Ben who are simple and if they like me they'll tell me up front and show me by giving me flowers. By the way, I sound like I'm high maitenance, but I'm not.

Ken had better tell me what he wants from me or I'm just going to start ignoring him. Sad, but true.

Meet Ben


So I got flowers today. I was pretty happy about it no matter who they were from, but I had a pretty good idea who sent them. Enter Ben...now we have an interesting story. Not going to lie, he's super attractive and tall. His upper body is amazing and his shoulders and biceps are very distinct, so much so that sometimes I have to look away in order to keep my composure. But I don't really know what our relationship is. I met him back home at my singles ward. We started dating a week before school started. Once school started I would have to move away and I wasn't too sure if a long distance relationship was a good idea. Because time wasn't in our favor, our relationship was on steroids. Every day we were moving on to another level into the relationship. We dated in a week what most couples date in a month.

Before I knew it I was back to college. We both agreed that we would keep in contact, and we would date other people. I thought this a good idea. But it got to be more complicated than that. I started getting asked out on dates and of course I didn't tell him because I didn't want to make him jealous, but I found out that he wasn't dating anyone. This of course, made me feel guilty. I was the one dating and he wasn't?

He has very strong feelings for me, but I am hesitant. Ok he's 1. super attractive 2. does cute things (like giving me flowers) 3. funny ...but..I just don't think this is going to go anywhere. I told him this. Yeah, I don't think he liked that. But he doesn't take no for an answer. If I was more blunt and told him, "this is over." We would actually be over, but it makes it hard when there's a huge bouquet on my desk. Maybe he knows my weakness and he's using it against me.

Itzhak Perlman

I love when a boy sings. I love when a boy plays an instrument, I don't care what instrument it is just as long as he plays it and does it well it is so attractive.

My sister has had countless amounts of boyfriends and all of them seem to be this perfect instrument playing guy. I am so jealous. She will always tell me about her current bf playing a song on his guitar that he made up for her and how sweet it was. I almost either puke in my mouth from jealousy or get really excited for her and still feel jealous inside. I don't know why I can't find a guy like this, but it is a little sad.

I have however found the creepo type of guys who try to be hot and play their instruments and it is just a load of cheesiness. Normally when I see guys like this it is a total turn-off and I just want to laugh in their faces, tell them how ridiculous they truly are, then spit on the ground and walk away. (okay maybe not the first part but you know I put it in for dramatic effect)

I have had roommates and friends who have found the perfect type of instrument playing guy, and I think some of the things that make those boys attractive are these qualities:

  1. They are tall
  2. They actually have talent
  3. They are sincere in their actions, and they aren't just doing it to show off
  4. They know that there is potential with the girl (if they aren't already dating her)
  5. They have confidence
  6. And lets face it they are just good looking (not trying to be shallow, but we all know we look before we partake)

So, boys whoever you might be, if you are even reading this. Don't be fake. Be real. And please try to learn how to play an instrument because I really don't think I am alone when I say a boy who has talent is more attractive than one who doesn't.


In the Beginning...

Well to start off I am Erica and I am one of the writers of this blog. Rexi and myself decided to start this primarily to remember the awesome times we have had being roommates, but also to fill all of YOU in on the dating lives of two college-age Mormon girls.

We date mostly other members of our faith (Mormon Boys) but here and there we decide to try some fresh meat outside of the LDS religion. So we will tell those stories as well.
Hopefully, you will all enjoy this blog of our dating adventures. And our personal guide to the heart and mind of Mormon Boys.