Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Double Date


So here’s my side of the story on that date. Bob had a huge crush on me in the first place and I wasn’t interested in him one bit. I remember the first time he laid eyes on me it was like that I-found-my-eternal-companion look. I was a freshman at the time and I remember sitting in church next to Erica and he would be in the same row as us on the other side and he had his head turned 90 degrees just staring at me. Of course Erica was the one telling me this because I didn’t dare look over at him. Erica told me to start picking my nose so that he may be turned off and leave me alone. But I couldn’t go so low as to do that.

Anyway, Bob and his roommate asked us out on a double date. I was so envious of Erica’s date because she was going with a premi who was fun and not expecting anything serious. Mine however, was like already planning out the proposal in his head. But we had to go the store (like what Erica said in her version) and she came to me asking if I had any stuff with me, but sadly enough I didn’t have anything. She needed to go back to the apartment and Bob was being such a jerk about it. He kept on asking why and I seriously wanted to be like, “Hey be a gentleman and go back to the apartment!” By the way, it wasn’t like we traveled very far. Our apartment was only up the street. But he was way to caught up on going back to the apartment that as we were driving out of the parking lot I could see us coming closer to the other car in front of us. No one was watching except me and I was thinking, “Ugh..we’re going to hit it. We’re going to hit it.” And then WHAM!....we hit it.

That made Bob even more frustrated. But bla bla bla we got going on the date. We went sledding and I would look over at Erica and her date and could see they were having so much fun goofing off. But just to let you guys know, I’m not the one to be rude on a date. My attitude is, they guy asked me out (which is always a brave thing for a guy to do), he is planning it, and paying for it. But anything that I did that was nice he took it like, “Oh my goodness, she totally digs me!” So I had to back off major. I hated going down the hill with him on the sled because of course we had to be close to each other and then when we reached the bottom I did the most horrible thing. He offered his hand and I pretended I didn’t see it and got up myself. If you were to know me, that is such an un-rexi-thing to do. But afterwards we got in the car and we were driving back home, but then I could see that Bob’s hand was in between our seats flopping like a fish for me to grab and hold.

Seriously, does he really think I am going to hold his hand.”

His handed started going on my seat a little bit (oh and by the way, he’s driving this whole time as well). Usually, if I don’t want my hand held I do the usual, I fold my arms. Well I was in this huge bulky coat and I started to fold my arms but I looked more awkward that anything because it was hard to do.

Bob could see the awkwardness and he said, “Are you ok?”

“Oh I’m just cold,” I lied.

I was dying hot, but I just didn’t want him to hold my hand. So because I said I was cold he turned up the heat. The rest of the way home I thought I was going to be sick from the heatstroke.

We finally got home and I told Erica, “I don’t ever want to go on another date again with Bob. For all I know he’s probably already bought the ring.”

But the story continues….

Bob is pretty persistent throughout the entire semester, but that is another story.



Lachele said...

Oh maaaaaaaaaaan!!! That is a pretty horrible date, but hey atleast it was a double date. I can't remember the last time I went out on a double date... I WISH, the worst is when you're on a horrible date SOLO.... Boy do I have stories(I've probably already blogged about them actually) Well, if you know any super cute boys down there....let me know. I'm in need of a roadtrip and maybe a double date :)

Katie said...

haha hilarious! gotta love the dates with over eager RM's. I love horror date stories :-D

Ariel ~ Single Mormon Girls said...

Haha oh I am sorry! I've had similar awkward dates. I hate how guys don't get when you don't want to hold hands. If I want to hold hands with a guy, I will make my hand 100% available.

One time I was on a date with a kid, I didn't want to hold hands so my arms were folded. He texted me asking if he could hold my hand. when I said no that just made everything uber awkward. And then he continued to nudge my arm for the rest of the movie. I had him take me home at 9 :)

Becs said...
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