Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If it kills me

Rexi and myself have decided that we have been slackers at writing in this blog, so we are going to be better about it from now on.

I want to preface this post with an explanation. I have been living with Rexi for the past three years and we have been on a lot of double dates together. We have some horror stories about dating so we thought over this Christmas break we would share some of them.
Be prepared. These are awful. They are every girls nightmare and yes we did suffer through every one of these incidents.
We promise that we aren't going to exaggerate any of the stories, but being girls everything seems ten times worse than it probably really was. We are going to tell you from our points of view and hopefully you will all be able to sympathize and share some of your horror stories from dating. {Email us @ with your stories and we will post them within a couple of weeks!}

So before I tell you one of my horror stories I wanted to update you on the present...

John and myself are completely over. When I went to church on Sunday he didn't even acknowledge me. I was a little hurt inside but I played it off like I was cool.
What is up with guys acting like girls? Really? I thought we were out of high school. Just because you don't like me anymore doesn't mean you have to ignore me. It is so frustrating. Sometimes guys really bug me.

I went on that date with Jack and it was fun but while I was with him I really wasn't feeling it. I was even trying to force myself to have feelings for him, it still didn't happen. I think he felt the same way because now we just hang out and we are cool. There aren't any of those feelings of wondering what it would be like to date because we both know we dont feel that for each other. I like just having a guy friend to confide in.

Now I am going to share a date that I went on my freshmen year in college...

We all know how freshmen are. They are stupid and naive. I am not being rude, it is just the way of life. Freshmen think they are something else and they haven't quite caught on that they are in college and so they act really immature. Everyone can tell a difference between a freshmen and a sophomore. They have simply grown up.
I hate to admit how dumb I was as a freshmen but I really was the biggest idiot. I had no idea how ridiculous I must have seemed to so many people. It was no different with dating for me. I had no idea what I was doing.
I got asked out by a guy in my ward, Seth, and we were doubling with Rexi and Seth's roommate Paul. We were going to go sledding. I was really excited. It wasn't because of Seth, I knew I didn't like him, I was just happy to be going on such a fun date.
Seth came to pick me up and I was all geared up and ready for sledding, we were in the car with Rexi and Paul when Paul said he needed to stop at the local WalMart for some hot chocolate. Paul was just going to run in so the rest of us stayed in the car. As I was sitting there I started to get that feeling, every girl knows what I am talking about, and I realized that I really needed to get to a bathroom. The only bad thing was I had nothing with me, I hadn't brought a purse because I knew I wasn't going to need it and Rexi had nothing with her either. I couldn't go through the date without doing anything about it so I timidly asked Seth if we could return to my apartment really fast. He asked why, and I told him I had forgotten something.
Seth was really nice and didn't press me any further, I think he figured it was for something girly but when Paul got back in the car all of the trouble started. Seth told him that I needed to go back to the apartment for a minute but Paul didn't want to. Paul said that we were behind schedule and looked at me and said whatever it was I forgot I really didn't need. I insisted that I needed to go home, but he wasn't going for it. I was almost in tears trying to get him to go back. Finally, Seth stepped in and said something along the lines of "Dude just go to her apartment". Paul grudgingly started to pull out of the parking lot and while we were at the stop light Paul turned to ask me again why I had to go back when BANG!
We got in a freakin accident.
I have never seen a guy so pissed in my life. Especially on a date. Paul turned to me and said "Look what happened all because we had to go back to your stupid apartment". I was so mad at him. It was NOT my fault that he couldn't drive a stupid car. It also wasn't my fault that I just happened to be visited by mother nature right as we were on our date. I just ignored his snide remark and he gave the car in front of us his information and we went back to my apartment. I ran inside and did what I needed to. It took about 1 minute and he was still nagging on me over how much time we had lost being able to sled.
I still don't understant the rush of the date. It was so gay.
I remember I had a lot of fun with Seth. We did some crazy things on the sleds and afterwords we drank hot chocolate and talked. He was a good guy, but after that date I just felt like I couldn't quite look him in the eye. He obviously knew what had happened, and it was always a little awkward. He never asked me on a date again, but I was okay with it.

I am pretty sure that date was the worst date I had ever been on at the time. But I have definitely been on some awful ones since.

Dating is so crazy. I don't think anyone will ever be able to get over the first date awkwardness.